High Quality Crowdworking

Trained and qualified crowd workers for data generation or micro-tasking

Outsource tasks, save cost & time!

  • Choose from 800.000 crowd workers worldwide, mobile or local

  • Fast sourcing on demand, 24/7 365 days,  up to real-time

  • Mitigate peaks, distribute high workload or industrious tasks

  • Data collection from smartphone sensors, desktop PCs or connected devices

  • Create complex crowd workflows, fully integrable by UI and API

  • Bring your own workers, we manage the crowd working

  • Train crowd workers to individual topics, products or custom qualifications

  • Privacy and security-aware data processing and distribution

Our services

ProductSelf-serviceManaged service
Image taggingorange tickgreen tick
Audio/video taggingorange tickgreen tick
Audio/video transcriptionorange tickgreen tick
Translationorange tickgreen tick
Text creation, writingorange tickgreen tick
Audio/video capture orange tickgreen tick
Sensor-based capture (e.g. motion, position, context)green tick
Confidential Crowdsourcing*green tick

*Apply anonymization and distance-based security rules in dispatching data to crowds.

Create you own tasks and distribute them to our Crowds.

Let our experts set-up and quality control your requests.