What is Crowdee?

Crowdee is an exchange platform for distribution of versatile micro tasks, e.g., scientific surveys, regular surveys, user-tests, labeling tasks and knowledge exploration calls. Crowdee is developed by the Department of Quality and Usability at the Technical University of Berlin.

How does Crowdee work?

Crowdee provides a platform for clients to distribute micro tasks, e.g., scientific surveys, regular surveys, user-tests, labeling tasks and knowledge exploration calls, etc., which are then displayed to workers that match certain criteria including education, skills, experience, such that these workers can perform the micro-tasks using our Android App. Upon acceptance of your work by the client who uploaded the micro-job you earn money. The amount will be displayed before starting to work at a job, and likewise depends on your level of expertise, skills and experience. Crowdee acts solely as an intermediary (broker) between the creators of micro-jobs and workers who freely accept work at their discretion.


Where can I get the Crowdee app?

You can go to the Crowdee App from the Play Store here:

Can I use Crowdee on iOS or Windows?

No, so far there are is only Crowdee for Android. But we have already started to work on it. Stay tuned…

Do I need to register?
Yes. Each worker needs one own account and can register via the app. Each client can register using our webpage. A worker and/or client can only operate one account as worker and/or client, a worker can of cause as well be a client. Account details must not be shared or disclosed. Please also respect our Terms and Conditions as violations of them can lead to service exclusion.
I did not receive my verification email after registration. What do I do?

Please watch your spam/ junk folder of your email accounts. The account verification is unfortunately sometimes classified as spam. If your spam folder does not include our verification email, please drop us a short email to or use our contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

Who determines the tasks, prices and processing times?

Each client can creates tasks and set up pricing and time required. Workers will see these details in the description before accepting a job. Please also respect our Terms and Conditions with respect to lawful job set up, as violations of it may lead to service exclusion or legal actions.

What if I do not agree with the price or task?

In this case, you should not accept the task at all. With the acceptance of a task you confirm and agree to the requirements and deliverables shown to you in the description. Please report on any malicious intent or unlawful behavior by sending an Email to

My account has been blocked. Why?

We reserve the right to block or close down your account if it is in violation of our Terms and Conditions or applicable law. For details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

What happens to my data? How secure is my data?

Your personal data is save with us, and will never be shared with any third party without your explicit permission or unless obligated elsewise by law. Crowdee uses your data internally in order to match jobs, maintain our services and process account balancing based on your data. Specific usage and context analyses are executed anonymously in order to improve our services. Internally our system uses secure connections and certified recipients only. Storage is done in German scientific electronic data processing centers of high security level. Please also refer to our Privacy Statement for more details.

I think my account was hacked! What should I do?

Please notify us immediately if there is a suspicion of abuse! If there is reasonable suspicion of abuse or unauthorized use, we preserve the right take all necessary actions including temporarily blocking your account. Our customer service will contact you in these cases.

What’s the error message: “Maintenance work”?

The maintenance of our systems sometimes leads to a very short and temporary unavailability of our platform. This may also apply also for external content and connections that are beyond our control. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How does Crowdee protect its system and my data against malicious software?

To protect our systems against abuse or malware (such as viruses, trojans or spam e-mails, etc.), we take precautionary measures including the use of filtering systems as appropriate to safeguard the telecommunications and data processing system components and data pipes.

How does Crowdee execute accounting of my tasks? Who determines the price?

The amount of (one-time) compensation for the performance of a micro-jobs is generally determined by the client and cannot be changed once a task has been accepted by a worker. If your performance exceeds the required time span or if you cancel your work there is no entitlement for compensation. The amount of compensation usually depends on the difficulty, extent, required expertise of the task.

How and when can I withdraw money?

After completion of a task, the client has a certain amount of time (e.g. 3 days) to accept or to reject your work. This allows personal quality control in order to protect clients from fraudulent or unmotivated results. After the acceptance of your work the allocated compensation will be credited to your Crowdee account. Using our Crowdee App, you can further withdraw the money. We are currently use for all financial transactions the payment service providers ClickandBuy and PayPal.

What happens when my job-provider rejects my work?

In case of rejection of your work by the client you will receive no compensation, and the client loses all rights to the relevant work. If you judge the rejection to be unjustified, do not hesitate to contact us at you. We will commence a two-fold arbitration as described in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I recognize a useful, copyright, or other exploitation rights violation?

Our service can only be used in ways that do not violate law, copyright law, our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement. Please pay attention to the following points:

  • It is forbidden to generate or distribute information that can harm the education or development of children and adolescent persons. Further is it forbidden to breach human dignity or law in any way. You must not call out on infringements of law or instruct someone to break the law or distribute such instructions. Generation, usage or distribution of racism terms, pornographic content, content which glorifies or trivialize violence, as well as content against public policy.
  • All forms of defamation, libel and slander, nuisance and harassment are forbidden.
  • Law related to copyright, brands, or elsewise property rights must not be infringed.
  • Unsolicited massive distribution of content or contact is forbidden.