Market & User Research

Qualitative and quantitative market insights and user preferences from representative crowd-panels

Increase outreach, save cost and time

  • Reach out to more than 800.000 crowd members worldwide.

  • Get representative results from your target group.

  • Individual recruitment and segments from mobile Crowds.

  • High quality managed service or ready-made online self-service.

  • Direct access for recursive surveys from mobile, local or city panels.

  • Bring your own participants or apply our white-label solution.

  • Complex studies, ideation campaigns and applied design thinking.

  • Long-standing experience and cutting-edge algorithms from AI for best results.

Our Methods

MethodOnline self-serviceManaged services
Brand name echoorange tickorange tick
Brand solgan or tagline echoorange tickorange tick
Brand logo echoorange tickorange tick
Brand media echoorange tickorange tick
Brand Ad echoorange tickorange tick
Price echo orange tickorange tick
Quick custom surveysgreen tick
Quick UX and A/B testinggreen tick
Quick usability testinggreen tick
Quick preference testinggreen tick
Quick multimedia pollsgreen tick
Quick feedback collection, including audio/video capturegreen tick
Customer journey mappinggreen tick
Competitor analysisgreen tick
Innovation management and idea challengesgreen tick

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